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Welcome to the Global Corporate Venturing Leadership Society


Informing the community, connecting leadership, and transforming business within the Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) ecosystem.


GCV Leadership Society Vision:

To develop excellence for corporate venturing leaders and be a prominent voice for the global corporate venturing community, professionals with third parties through regional trade bodies, and local networks that provide government lobbying.


The inaugural Chairman was Claudia Fan Munce, Managing Director, IBM Venture Capital Group, and Vice President, IBM Corporate Development. The role of Chairman is now in the hands of Wendell Brooks, President at Intel Capital.


GCV Leadership Society Mission:

The GCV Leadership Society sets the standards for the long-term sustainability of the corporate venturing and innovation industry. It will help members provide the data and information to their parent company’s management to support a corporate venturing unit. It will also help members develop their leadership skills and professional excellence and find and work with the best entrepreneurs and co-investors through the industry having a more professional image.


The Society through its data, content, event, training, technology, and community, therefore, will act as a bridge to the C-suite, deal syndicate partners, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the innovation capital economy, such as similar corporate functions of R&D and M&A, and governments, universities, VCs and angels.


The first focus on members who meet the entry standards set by the Society is to help the corporate venturing community developing intrapreneurs and/or taking minority stakes in third-party private companies or as limited partners in venture capital/other venture investors. As a primary goal of such corporate venturing is to encourage and develop innovation and insights into disruptions and emerging opportunities, this leads to a broader concept of an innovation professional responsible for helping manage and invest in this change at an organisation.


The Society’s mission is to help bridge the different strengths and ambitions of the investors across sectors, geographies and type. It is run and owned by Mawsonia Ltd, a UK-based company.


For more information, contact James Mawson: 
+44 (0) 7971 655590 | jmawson@mawsonia.com

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